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     One Two Three Salsa Mix was created  out of a desire to be our own bosses and to hopefully, someday,  pass a successful business down to our three children.  
     When we aren't at our regular jobs we sell One, Two, Three Salsa Mix at local fairs and festivals.  One, Two, Three Salsa Mix is  filled with our own special blend of 14 herbs and spices by hand, teaspoon by teaspoon, one bag at a time.  The end result is an amazingly simple and delicious way to make salsa.

     Rest assured, when you buy from us you are buying local.  We live right in the heart of DFW in Arlington TX. 
Thank you for your support.    

                                                                                   -Mike and Ange

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We wish you the best of luck this baseball season.  Y'all (coaches, players, everyone!) were very nice and so helpful we cant wait to come back next year!

-Mike and Ange