Two Habanero + One Original for $30

1 ​One Two Three Carolina Reaper Salsa Mix - $15

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One of each

(Original, Habanero,

C. Reaper)

for $35

​Two Original + One Habanero for $30

Jan 20th, 2018

Noble Ray Bar between 12pm and 4pm

Feb. 10th, 2018

Pickers Pavilion

Glen Rose Chili Cookoff

March 3rd 2018

Royse City

1 One Two Three Original Salsa Mix - $10

3 Original  for $30

Family Owned and Operated Since 2016.  Thank You!

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Jan 26 - 28, 2018 in Irving, TX

We are glad to be a part of this HUUUUGE Event!  17 Years strong

400,000 have attended!  Check it out!

Old Gruene Market Days Feb 17-18, 2017.  Located just north of San Antonio, TX. 

1 One Two Three Habanero Salsa Mix - $10 

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One, Two, Three Salsa Mix is the Perfect Gift!

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Try our new 1,2,3 Chipotle Salsa Mix!

What our customers are saying

1.   Use it in Taco Meat...make the salsa and throw it into the browned ground beef.

2.   Use the sour cream dip as an enchilada topping!

3.   Use One Two Three Salsa Mix on baked potatoes.  .

4.   "I put a little of the sour cream dip in my mashed potatoes!  Its soooo gooood!"

5.   "I mix it up with Rotel Tomatoes!  Mmmmm!"

6.   "I use it when I am making rice"

7.  "I sent some to my son who is in the Military and stationed in      Afghanistan.  He loves it!"

8.   "I Use the mix to season my pot roast in the crock pot."

9.    "I season my eggs with it"

10. "This salsa is LIFE CHANGING!...I love it!"

11.   It tastes so fresh

12.   Make a spicy cheeseball with it!

13.   I make chili with it!


​3 Habanero for $30

Thank you for supporting our
small family business!

​​3 Car. Reapers for $45

Buy Three!